Visitor Rules

Rules that adult visitors should know:

  • ImaginOn's resources are intended for young people from birth through age 18.
  • WiFi access is available for parents/caregivers who are accompanied by children. Computer resources for adults are available at Plaza Midwood Library.
  • To maintain a safe environment, adult visitors to ImaginOn who are unaccompanied by a child may be approached and questioned about the purpose of their visit. Visitors who are not on ImaginOn-specific business may be redirected to Plaza Midwood Library or asked to leave the facility.

Rules that parents and caregivers should know:

  • Children under age 8 must be with a caretaker at all times. Caretakers should be at least 12 years old and mature enough to follow ImaginOn rules and guidelines.

  • Children 8 years of age or older may visit ImaginOn by themselves and attend classes and programs without a caregiver, unless otherwise indicated in the program description.
  • Young people under 19 are not allowed on the facility premises after closing time unless they are participating in a scheduled facility event.

While in ImaginOn, we ask that you:

  • Enjoy covered drinks and food in designated areas.
  • Speak in moderate tones at all times.
  • Walk, don't run.
  • Gently use books, materials and technology.
  • Use The Loft only if you are between the ages of 12-18. Guests who do not meet these age requirements are asked to respect these guidelines and use other appropriate spaces.
  • Wear shoes and a shirt at all times, and clothing must be buttoned and zipped as appropriate.
  • Use cell phones discreetly.

While in ImaginOn, we ask that you NOT:

  • Fight or physically or verbally harass other visitors or staff.
  • Change clothes, shave or bathe in the restrooms. Use of the restrooms is for ImaginOn patrons only.
  • Sell and/or solicit for services, money or other items.
  • Distribute or post printed materials/literature that have not been approved by the Library.
  • Bring animals into the facility, other than assistance animals.
  • Smoke.
  • Bring helium balloons into the facility.  (Loose balloons can activate the fire alarm.)

Guidelines for filming or photo shoots:

The Library is a public building, and as such, we welcome members of the news media or other enterprises to photograph or film. If you are interested in using a Library location for filming, or a photo shoot, you will follow these guidelines:

  • You must have permission from the location manager or designee, and explain to the manager their entire purpose, and how the footage and/or photos will be used.
  • You must work with the location manager to ensure that service to the public is not disrupted.  The manager retains the right to interrupt or cease the filming or photo shoot at his or her sole discretion.
  • You must obtain consent from any members of the public you photograph or film. 
  • If you are using the Library's name, logo, or any other component of the Library's brand identity (for example, filming the sign identifying the Library location), you must obtain permission from the Director of Marketing & Communications in addition to the location manager.
  • If you require special accommodation, such as after-hours access, or use of the grounds, exteriors, or parking lot, there may be costs associated with that. Depending on the nature of the accommodation, you may need to complete a Special Event/Parking Application and Instructions form (obtained from the location manager) or reserve a meeting room
  • Use of the Library interior for filming or a photo shoot is at the location manager's discretion, and the manager retains the right to refuse if they feel the accommodation is not in the best interests of the Library, its users, or staff.