Chaperone Information

All group visits require registration. 

All groups must check in at the Welcome Desk upon arrival at ImaginOn

Chaperones are a vital part of a successful group visit to ImaginOn. Here are a few things to help make you get ready for your fieldtrip:

1. Find out about us. Come visit before your group visit. We’re located at 300 East 7th Street in Charlotte. It’s free to enter the building and explore. If you can’t visit us, check out our website ( The best chaperone is an informed chaperone.

2. The day of your visit, make sure you have a list of the young people in your care, and you know the name of the lead teacher or counselor for your group.

3. Your lead teacher or counselor should prepare you to experience ImaginOn in a small group (of up to eight young people), led by you. Make sure you make your expectations clear to the young people in your care about:

  • Walking, not running
  • Staying together
  • Where to meet up if someone is separated from the group
  • Respect for the space, the people and themselves
  • Getting/Using Library Cards
  • What time your visit ends and you join the larger group

4. Please wear a nametag. Your organization should provide one.

5. Please make sure the young people in your care are wearing nametags.

6. IT IS IMPORTANT to keep your young people in your sight. Don’t let yourself get too distracted with cell phone calls or grown-up chat.

7. Enjoy yourself and participate with the young people. It’s a great
opportunity to teach, learn and have fun.

Thank you for agreeing to chaperone a group visit to ImaginOn.