Who's Who at ImaginOn Presents... Darius Smalls!


Ever wondered who the lucky people are that get to work at ImaginOn every day? Welcome to our Who’s Who at ImaginOn column, where we’ll feature people who work in all corners of this magical building, from the scene shop and costume shop of the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte to the circulation desk, the Spangler Library and Teen Loft of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. Say hello next time you see us in the building!

What is your name?

Darius Smalls

What is your position/company/role at ImaginOn?

Senior Library Assistant in the Spangler Library

What does that actually mean you do every day?

I’m reading to crowds of children, playing games, or climbing ladders to put up displays.

If I were walking around the building, how would I recognize you?

Hey? Is that Spiderman? No… it’s just me.

What is the absolute coolest or weirdest or most fun part about your job at ImaginOn working for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library?

Probably being able to spend an hour in the Block (our area in Spangler designated especially for preteens) beating children in video games or chess. I’m super competitive. I will mow you down!

You know that game “Two Truths and a Lie,” where you give three facts, and two of them are true and one is false? What are two truths and a lie about you? (*Scroll to the end for the false one!)

I have a terrible fear of jellyfish. As a teen I used to teach Martial Arts. Before I worked at ImaginOn I rarely visited the library* (I actually frequented the library often especially ImaginOn and even volunteered as a teen)

What is your favorite book and/or play?

Favorite Book: This is not my Hat by Jon Klassen, Favorite Play: The Lion King

What did you do before you came to ImaginOn?

I used to work 2 retail jobs… one of them being Macy’s where I learned how to fit and measure suits for alteration.

If you could live in any imaginary world, what would it be and why?

If I could live in any Imaginary world, I’d like to live inside a videogame. I am an avid gamer and that would be my idea of utopia.


*The falsehood:  I actually frequented the library often especially ImaginOn and even volunteered as a teen.