Teen Book Review - Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Book Review by Rebecca Le (a CMS student for Virtual Community Service Hours.)

Rating: 5/5

Reading the hardcopy of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard was amazing! I completely rate this book 5 full stars. I was never bored throughout this story. The book is about a female named Mare Barrow. Her kind is split by the color of their blood. People with red blood have no supernatural powers and are considered ‘ordinary’ and lower than the others. Those with silver blood have supernatural powers and are more special than the red-blooded; they get better treatment and are more so born into their royalty. Mare Barrow and her family were unluckily born on the ‘poor’ side, having their red blood. Mare Barrow steals for her family, trying to help them make a living every day.

Unfortunately, her family would prefer it if she could get a real job within the silver blooded, like her sister, Gisa Barrow. She is creative, smart, and younger than Mare. She was able to gain a sewing job within palace walls! Mare isn’t exactly jealous; all kids who don’t have a job will be conscripted by the age of 18. Mare couldn’t care less. One day, though, Mare finds a reason to finally care. Her best friend is about to leave her and she is willing to gamble anything and everything to save him. She gains a job within palace walls after meeting someone special… Not only that, Mare figures out something that nobody thought was possible. Red blood and supernatural powers? You should read the book to find out more! The backside of Red Queen has been summarized by me in this review so no spoilers were given! Read on!!!



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This book review was submitted via Virtual Community Service Program