Teen Book Review - The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Book Review by Nelson​ B. (a student at East Meck High School)

Rating: 4/5 / Borrowed digitally

The novel, The perks of being a wallflower is about many things and while it has a theme, the book is more of an account of the experiences of the main character. The main character’s teacher says “Try to be a filter not a sponge” before assigning The Fountainhead. This quote applies to the reading of this book. The book has conflicts in which you may not agree with the main character Charlie and his friends. This aspect of the book allows the characters to feel real because in the real world most things aren't right or wrong but in a grey area where there are positives and negatives to almost everything.

    The book follows Charlie, a freshman in high school. For the first few days of school, Charlie doesn't talk to anyone and he finds himself observing people more. This all changes when he meets two seniors named Patrick and Sam. Soon Charlie finds himself becoming friends with Patrick, Sam, and their group of friends. He attends a recreation of The rocky horror picture show that Patrick, Sam, and company do. He attends parties with Patrick and Sam. He spends a copious amount of time with them and becomes close with both of them. Charlie lives out the dreams and nightmares of a teenager throughout the book.

    I like this book for its portrayal of teenage life, Complex characters, and thought-provoking commentary from Charlie. This book displays a wide range of emotions. Its relatable and complex characters allow you to feel the same emotions the characters are feeling. The book’s use of journal entries to tell its story helps the reader connect to Charlie and it adds to the realism. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would read it again.

    The book shows all the sides of being a teenager and isn’t afraid to cover mature themes. The book uses its more mature situations in order to relate to teenagers. Many teenagers have experienced these hardships either first hand or by hearing about them. The characters partake in activities that some may see as unwise. These are in the book however to add realism not to encourage or promote these acts. This book will most likely only be fully appreciated by older teenagers due to its unflinching depiction of teenage life. Before reading this book readers should know there are themes of sexual abuse and those that are sensitive to that topic should be cautious about reading this book. Despite all this, I would recommend this book to those who can handle its subject matter.


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