Teen Book Review - Dragonslayer by Tui T. Sutherland

Book Review by Jordan J. (a student at Piedmont Middle School)

For thousands of years dragons have lived in tribes, have had queens, and ruled the land, sky, and water. Humans have been nothing more than prey for dragons and at the very bottom of society. It has been twenty years since the great Dragonslayer killed the Sand dragon’s Queen and stole her treasure. Since then, humans have suffered the consequence. But if a human meets the right dragon, can the future be changed? After Wren was sacrificed to the dragons by her own village to be a tasty human snack, she vowed to never trust humans again. After escaping from being sacrificed, Wren found her dragon, Sky. Now It’s just her and Sky and no one else. After Leaf found out his sister was eaten by a dragon, revenge is all he can think about. He is determined to be the next great dragonslayer. Ivy’s father is the great dragonslayer, Lord Heath. All her life she has looked up to him but now it seems like he is hiding something. Can she believe him? Every one of these humans seem to have a different destiny. But when these three humans cross each other’s path, the future changes. Wings of Fire, Legends, Dragonslayer is a great book to read. If you like adventure, suspense, mystery, or any of the Wings of Fire books, this book is perfect for you. One of the lessons that the readers learn is to challenge ideas or laws that are unfair. One of the things that I like about Dragonslayer is how the author ties in her other books with this one and tells the point of view of either Wren, Leaf, and Ivy in each chapter. Another thing I like is how the author changes the way she writes for each person. But one of the things that I don’t like is how the author moves the story throughout time. You can find Dragonslayer at your school and Charlotte Mecklenburg public library. Happy Reading!

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This book review was submitted via Virtual Community Service Program