Teen Book Review - 'Counting By 7s' by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Book Review by Gowri M. (6th Grader at Piedmont Middle School)

Rating: 4/5 (Checked Out Through A Digital Copy)

Willow Chance is a 12-year-old girl who leads a perfectly normal life. She has an exceptionally intent curiosity with diagnosing medical conditions and studying nature. One of Willow’s particular concept is that she favors the number seven, seeing it almost anywhere in her life. But when Willow comes home after school one day, she finds out that the two people she has ever been able to connect with (her parents) had died in a car crash. That leaves a shocking and hurt Willow all by herself in the world. Everything seems different for her now with no one out there to guide her or give her love and comfort. But when a few unexpected turns happen, it leads Willow to some very odd circumstances with different people. A new journey of which Willow never dreamed of had just began for her…

Counting By 7s is an amazing book because each page is filled with excitement, humor, and tragedy. It’s a moving novel that demonstrates the true meanings of coping with loss and discovering what a family really means. One thing I loved about Counting By 7s was the way the author also showed the perspectives of everyone around Willow. In my opinion, it’s really interesting to read a book from various points of views because this way, we get to see how others think about themselves and Willow. At some points, the readers are able to learn things that Willow didn’t know herself!



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