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HOLIDAY HOURS - ImaginOn will close early (5pm) on Wednesday, December 24th for the holiday. Learn more
HOLIDAY HOURS - ImaginOn will be closed on Thursday Dec. 25th, and Friday Dec. 26th for the holiday. Learn more

Listed below are the Teen programs taking place in the next 60 days at ImaginOn. In some cases pre-registration is required in order to attend. Information about Children's Theatre Programs for Teens is available on the Children's Theatre website.

Learn Quest Play: Uno Tournament
Compete against each other in this extremely fun and competitive card game!
When miserly Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his former partner and three Christmas spirits, he learns to change his ways -- just in time for Christmas Day!
*** This program has multiple listings ***
Study Zone Sunday
Join us on Sundays and prepare for the week ahead. Complete school projects or make the Loft the place to meet your study group. We promote a quiet study area, provide basic school supplies, and snacks
*** This program has multiple listings ***
Pudding Pictionary
Have fun drawing pictures in pudding and guessing what your friends draw. You've never played Pictionary quite like this!
Dance Dance Revolution
Compete against your friends in this exciting dance game. Bust a move for a prize from staff!
New Years Resolutions
Discuss what changes you would like to make for the upcoming year with staff or write them on the display board for everyone to see!
Just Dance
Compete against your friends in this exciting dance game. Bust a move for a prize from staff!
Learn Quest Play: Pick Your Own Game
Enjoy a board or card game in the Teen Loft area with friends and staff.
Made in 1984: THE TERMINATOR
MADE IN 1984: HOLLYWOOD MOVIES FROM 30 YEARS AGO continues with James Cameron's classic, hugely influential sci-fi film The Terminator (R). Arnold Schwarzenegger is the cyborg sent (from the future) to Los Angeles on a violent, mysterious mission.
Make It Mondays - Paracord Bracelets
Join staff and learn the skill of tying a wonderful paracord bracelet with your friends
Stump the Staff: Heads Up Charades
Act out the topic or words given for your teammate to guess in this fun and hilarious game
Kitchen Chemistry: Snowballs!
Make snowballs out of Rice Krispies and enjoy them with your friends
Inspirational Throwback Thursday Movie: "The Blind Side"
The true story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became and All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family.
Robotics Club
Work alongside The YETI Robotics Team as they assist you each week with a different activity dealing with robots.
*** This program has multiple listings ***
Learn Quest Play:UNO
Compete against each other in this extremely fun and competitive card game.
Make It Mondays - Crochet Bookmarks
Make a bookmark out of yarn to donate as a community service project
Stump The Staff: Apples to Apples
Enjoy this game of hilarious comparisons where everyone's opinion counts.
Interview Basics for Teens
This workshop includes information on what to wear, what to bring, and instuctions for answering behavior based interview questions.
Inspirational Throwback Thursday Movie: "Rudy"
Rudy has always been told that he was too small to play college football. But he is determined to overcome the odds and fulfill his dream of playing for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame
Learn Quest Play: NBA 2K15
Compete against each other in this fast paced basketball video game!
Haikus and Hot Cocoa
Visit the Loft and write a hot haiku alongside some hot cocoa. A sweet combination!
Professional Development: The Power of Positivity & Change
This session we will focus on the power of change. With the new year upon us, what changes can you or will you make that may have a positive effect on you landing that potential new job? Facilitated by the Teen Loft's own AJ!
Inspirational Throwback Thursday Movie: "Gridiron Gang"
Teenagers at a juvenile detention center, under the leadership of their counselor, gain self-esteen by playing football together
Learn Quest Play: Scattergories
Win points by writing down words that start with the random letter chosen from a roll of the dice. Play against staff and try to beat them.
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
Lilly is a mouse who knows what she likes. She likes her pointy pencils, her glittery movie-star glasses and her three shiny quarters. But most of all, Lilly likes her brand new purple plastic purse!
*** This program has multiple listings ***
Make It Mondays - 8 bit Art
Come in and make your own original artwork using plastic beads and templates provided by Staff
Motivation 101: Keep on Pushin' Party
In recognition of all of your accomplishments, goals, & dreams, come party with the Loft staff to celebrate uplifting each other, positivity, & forward progress. There will be free food, drinks, music, raffle prizes, & an all around good time
Guy Talk
Join us for a guys only discussion where we chat about issues facing male teens today
Inspirational Throwback Thursday Movie: "Remember the Titans"
The true story of a newly appointed African-American coach and his high school team on the first season as a racially integrated unit
Young Engineers of Today
Teen girls interested in computer programming and engineering. A different activity will be held each time.
Learn Quest Play: Mancala
Play this ancient board game with lots of strategy and planning.

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