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The libraries at ImaginOn are closed on Mondays, including Monday, September 1st, 2014. Learn more
SUMMER HOURS: June 1 - September 7 all libraries will be closed on Sundays. Learn more

Meetings and Special Events at ImaginOn!

ImaginOn at nightImaginOn: The Joe & Joan Martin Center has meeting rooms available for community use subject to internal scheduling needs and support staff availability. All events and programs are expected to harmonize with the character and mission of ImaginOn, and the Public Library reserves the right to limit the use of its facilities for this purpose. PDF Rate Sheet


Rentals During Operating Hours | After Hours Rentals | Birthday Parties

Rentals During Operating Hoursreturn to top

  • During regular hours, rental facilities in ImaginOn will follow the Public Library’s standard policy for “Meeting Room Use”.
  • Rooms are rented in 4 hour increments which includes set-up and break-down time.

Space Size (sq ft) Capacity For-Profit Rate Non-Profit Rate
The Round
The RoundThe Library’s round storytelling room includes a puppet theatre and kitchenette. The room is carpeted and can be made more intimate by reconfiguring a dramatic floor-to-ceiling drapery.
Max 4 Hrs. $200
Max 8 Hrs. $400
Max 4 Hrs. $140
Max 8 Hrs. $280
CourtyardAn enclosed (uncovered) outdoor courtyard, with concrete and recycled rubber surfaces, foliage and street level views to Seventh Street.
Max 4 Hrs. $150
Max 8 Hrs. $300
Max 4 Hrs. $105
Max 8 Hrs. $210
Studios A,B,C or D
Studios A,B,C or DFour classrooms – an Art Studio flooded with natural light, a Dance Studio with a barre and mirrored wall, and two multi-purpose Studios.
Max 4 Hrs. $150
Max 8 Hrs. $300
Max 4 Hrs. $105
Max 8 Hrs. $210
Rehearsal Rooms A or B
Rehearsal Rooms A or BEach Rehearsal Room features two mirrored walls which can be concealed with black drapes, high ceilings, and open space.
Max 4 Hrs. $400
Max 8 Hrs. $800
Max 4 Hrs. $280
Max 8 Hrs. $560
Board Room
Board RoomPerfect for a meeting or small presentation, complete with projection screen and whiteboard.
Max 4 Hrs. $150
Max 8 Hrs. $300
Max 4 Hrs. $105
Max 8 Hrs. $210
Board Room with Kitchen
Board Room w/ KitchenA kitchenette adjacent to the Board Room is convenient for storing and serving lunch or coffee.
Max 4 Hrs. $200
Max 8 Hrs. $400
Max 4 Hrs. $140
Max 8 Hrs. $280

After Hours Rentalsreturn to top

  • ImaginOn spaces for larger events and receptions are available only after regular operating hours. (after 5pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  • All standard “prohibited uses” per the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library policy will apply to after hours rentals, with the exceptions of the following:
    • groups charging admission
    • fundraising activities or events
    • social gatherings
  • In addition to the above exceptions, after hours rentals are considered “private functions” and are not required to be “free and open to the public and media” per standard PLCMC Policy.
  • Rental receptions which will include alcohol may not begin until the public has left the building (this includes theatre audiences in the building).
  • Neither the Public Library nor the Children’s Theatre will hold a liquor license. In any event where alcohol is served, the contracted caterer will hold the liquor license and handle all serving of alcoholic beverages.
  • Rental rates are in 4 hour increments which includes set-up and break-down time.

Package Capacity For-Profit Rate Non-Profit Rate
Reception Package
This package allows guests to mingle throughout the large, public areas of the building, and to use the StoryLab, ImaginOn’s interactive exhibition space. The building’s central ramp provides access and vistas throughout the space. It is ideal for a cocktail or hors d'oeuvres reception. Rental includes use of the following areas and rooms:
  • Main Lobby
  • StoryLab
  • Courtyard
  • Mezzanine Gallery
  • Catering Kitchen (2nd level)
  • Board Room (2nd level)
Reception Package
Max 4 Hrs. $3000
Max 8 Hrs. $6000
Max 4 Hrs. $2500
Max 8 Hrs. $5000
Additional After Hours Fees:return to top

  • All after hours events require security. A minimum of 1 security officer at a rate of $25 per hour will be added to the rental fee. If other security officers are requested or required as determined by ImaginOn, the same rate will apply for each.


ImaginOn does not currently have a Birthday Party program. If you would like to make ImaginOn part of your celebration, we suggest that you enjoy cake and gifts at home or at a neighboring restaurant, and then bring your group to ImaginOn for a Children’s Theatre show or a scheduled Library program.

Children’s Theatre group ticket sales can be purchased through the Box Office. Please call 704.973.2828 for information about prices and availability.

Scheduled library programs are listed in the online calendar. For more information, please call the Spangler Children’s Library at 704.416.4630 or The Loft (Teen Library) at 704.416.4660.

Remember to allow time to explore the building and enjoy the StoryLab!

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